Car Crash Statistics in Illinois

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We all know that breaking the law behind the wheel could hurt people. However, do you know how much damage a reckless driver can do behind the wheel?

When someone drives in a dangerous fashion, they put everyone’s safety, including your own, in danger. The following includes some of the most dangerous moves, and if you’ve been injured by one of them, you must hire a lawyer, like those from Lane & Lane, LLC. You want one of the best car accident lawyers in Chicago, Illinois, when you get injured, and a lawyer will help you be more than a statistic.  

Driving at Night and Drowsy

It may seem obvious, but driving at night is much more dangerous than driving during the day. This is a two-fold problem: your vision isn’t as strong, and you’re probably drowsy.

When you can’t see things in the distance and colors are more muted, it’s much harder to spot other cars, bicycles, and pedestrians on the road. 78 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents happen at night or in low-light times of the day, and on weekends, that number only grows.

If you’re also drowsy, your reaction time slows. Fatigue has a physical effect on the body, so when a person chooses to drive while drowsy, they put you in danger through their actions.

Speeding Can Kill

While we can’t help some hazards on the road, such as bad weather or animals, drastic speeding increases the chance of injury or death. It is also negligent. Speed causes many crashes:

  • 32.2 percent of total accidents
  • 34.2 percent of fatal crashes
  • 37 percent of crashes causing injury

Comparing this to other factors, like deer crashes at only 5.1 percent of all crashes, speeding often tends to leave you with severe injuries. If you were hit by a careless driver, odds are that his or her speeding caused the accident.

A Crash Can Disrupt Your Life

According to the statistics, the chances of an accident involving these types of negligent driving, among others, mean you’re apt to get injured in an accident, because someone else didn’t take proper precautions with your safety. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not an uncommon situation.

If you’re part of the percentage injured because someone was reckless, give a lawyer a call. You’ll need help getting your compensation, and you’ll need more than these statistics to fight back.

Fortunately, with an attorney on your side, you’ll have the chance to fight for your compensation. Get started today to turn around your Illinois car crash claim.